Pause in His Presence

Cecily Williams

Posted on September 06 2019

Between balancing our careers, being mothers, and trying to be the best wife we can be, it's easy to get overwhelmed at times. Who am I kidding, it's easy to get overwhelmed EVERYDAY. 

Recently, my husband has been in and out of the hospital dealing with a few serious medical conditions. Due to lingo and a few scary words that were thrown around it I felt like fear was an actually being staring me face to face; he was literally breathing down my neck. It’s in those moments that i had a choice. Am I going to partner with this monster or am I going to grab my Father God’s hand? He is who promised he would never leave or forsake us, right? He’s right beside me, through everything! 

Trials are often not just about what we do or what is happening in the natural, but our biggest trial is what we do with what we CANNOT see. Someone once told me that 85% off the things we fear NEVER happen. But sometimes we still choose  to concentrate on the negative, the "what ifs". We allow them to control our every emotion. 

Today, during those times when trials start to feel like they are multiplying and my anxiety is starting to take over my thoughts....I choose to “Pause in Gods Presence”! I choose to stop and to breathe God in, and to focus! Focus on those who love us, focus on the blessings that are not measured by the natural, focus on all God has brought us through in the past, focus on ALL HE IS!! 

He is good! He is powerful! He is LOVE and He loves us beyond measure! He has us covered and angels around us protecting us. Everything He works together for our future. He promises that no weapon that is formed against us can prosper. 

HE IS FOR US!!  today.... together...let's pause...IN HIS PRESENCE! 


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